Our Brand New "BibleStudyAmerica.org" Website Is Ready For You To Check Out

That's right!  After almost six months of work, the Pennsylvania State Sunday School Association's brand new website, "BibleStudyAmerica.org," is online and ready for you and the teachers and leaders of your church to check out.

Our current website, "SundaySchoolHelp.org," will also continue to be available.

The new website reflects the new direction that the Pennsylvania State Sunday School Association will be taking in the future.  We will not just be focused on Sunday school but rather on all forms of Bible study, including Sunday school.  And, the new website is aimed at the entire nation, not just Pennsylvania.

When you visit the new website, you will find lots of information and ideas to help churches and individual Christian education workers to create, promote and be come involved with in-depth study and application of God's word...the Bible!

We invite you to check it out and then E-mail us (at mail@sundayschoolhelp.org) to tell us what you think of the new website and any suggestions that you might have for additional material that you would like to see and other ideas to make it even better

We Need YOUR HELP To Tell The Teachers And Leaders Of Your Church And The Churches Of Your Area About Our New Website!

We are trying to get out the word about our new "BibleStudyAmerica.org" website and we need YOUR HELP!

How can you help?  We certainly hope that you will tell your friends and the other Sunday school and Bible Study teachers, leaders and workers about the site and we have a free gift available that will help you!

We have pens that say "Check It Out...BibleStudyAmerica.org" and we also have postcards and posters.  Would you be willing to distribute these items within your church and to the other churches in your area?  If you would, we will send you a promo pack that contains 10 pens, 5 full-color posters and 10 postcards.  There is no charge or obligation! 

To request one of the "BibleStudyAmerica.org" promo packs, E-mail us at the following address:  mail@sundayschoolhelp.org.

Thank you!