What Is Happening With Your Sunday School During The Covid-19 Pandemic?

In times of trouble such as we are now experiencing with the coronavirus pandemic, there are so many different things being said that you often don't know what or who to believe.  There is one source of information that is always totally true and reliable - the Bible!  It is important for everyone to read their Bible and to be a part of an in-depth Bible study group, such as a Sunday school class.  But, in times such as these, when churches cannot hold services at their buildings, what is happening to those Sunday school programs and other Bible study groups?  To help churches and church and Sunday school teachers and leaders consider the importance of continuing their Bible study classes and offer them information and advice on how to continue those program, the Pennsylvania State Sunday School Association has created two short videos that we urge you to watch.  The first video is entitled "The Importance Of Sunday School In The Coronavirus Age" and the second video is entitled "Teaching Adults Of The Church And Sunday School In The Coronavirus Age."  And, we have just added TWO brand new videow:  "Teaching Children of the Church and Sunday School in the Coronavirus Age" and "Witnessing and Invitation in the Coronavirus Age."  To watch the videos, simply click on the titles listed below.  We hope that you will check out these three very important messages and also urge all of you teachers and leaders to check them out, too.  Thank you!