Brand New Event Added To Our 
     "Local Workshop Training Program" List...


A 2 hour teacher-enrichment workshop

It is a proven fact that children who grow up in an intentional discipleship process are less likely to leave the church as young adults and are more likely to become leaders in the church as adults. But what does an intentional Children's Ministry look like? In this workshop, we explores the 4 key components of a purpose driven Children's ministry, 2 essential elements to discipleship in Children's Ministry and 5 major purposes that are the foundational to your Children's Ministry. This workshop is designed to inspire, invigorate, and challenge those in Children's Ministry.

Workshop Outline...
Reflection on current effectiveness of your Children's ministry program
Making the most of your opportunity
Components of a Purpose Driven Children's Ministry
Elements of Discipleship in Children's Ministry
Major purposes of Children's Ministry  
Call to action

Workshop Leader...
This workshop is led exclusively by Debbie Chatley, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania State Sunday School Association.  Debbie is an accomplished workshop leader.  This workshop is based on a presentation of the same name that she presented at the 2017 PA State Sunday School Convention.  Because of the popularity of that workshop and requests asking if the workshop would be available for presentation in local churches, Debbie has expanded the workshop for two hours and we are now happy to make it available as a part of the P.S.S.S.A.'s Local Workshop Training Program.

To Schedule This Workshop For Presentation At Your Church, contact the Pennsylvania State Sunday School Association's office at 1-800-358-2303 or 717-652-1930.  This workshop is presented for a flat fee of $250.00.