Four Weekday Evening Training Workshops Are Now Available For Presentation In YOUR Church

To have a great Sunday school, you need great teachers and leaders!  And, to help the Christian education workers of your church be their very best, you need to provide them with regular quality "in service" training.

To help you provide that training, the PA State Sunday School Association now offers FOUR different two-hour training workshops that can be presented right in your local church on a weekday evening, a Saturday morning or a Sunday afternoon or evening.  Each workshop is presented for a flat fee of just $200.00.  The following are the workshops that are available...

"Teaching To Change Lives"
This workshop has been designed to help all teachers within the church and  Sunday school learn how they can plan and present lessons that are more personal and relevant to the lives and needs of their students.  Specific points in the workshop include:
          - Responsibilities and rewards of being a teacher.
          - Understanding how people of different ages learn.
          - Using modern methods and technologies in teaching.
          - Using "Active-Discovery Learning" and "Active Application."
          - Steps to preparing a better, more effective lesson.
          - And much, much more.

"Teachers:  Today's Super Heroes"
This workshop is designed to help teachers bet a better understanding and appreciation for the importance of their work for the Lord within the church and Sunday school.  The workshop is designed to help teachers look at the methods and tools that they are now using in their teaching and to consider ways that they can be more effective in their work.  Topics include:
          - The importance of being a teacher.
          - The importance of preparation and planning.
          - Leading your students to Christ.
          - Making every lesson interesting, relevant and fun.
          - Helping your Sunday school and church grow.
          - And much, much more.

"The C.I.A. - The Church In Action"
This is a workshop about growth through community outreach and involvement.  The workshop is designed to help churches engage in active outreach and, most important, once again become a spiritual beacon for Jesus Christ within their community.  Participants will be given a variety of ideas for things that they can do to effectively promote their events and learn how to use modern technologies to help their church and Sunday school grow.

"Getting People Excited About Sunday School"
Statistics tell us that Sunday school attendance continues to decline every year.  If fact, only about 33% of the people who attend worship attend Sunday school.  This workshop looks at reasons why Sunday school is important and why all persons of all ages should be attending.  It also looks at ways to promote and invite members of your congregation and community to your Sunday school and other Christian education programs.

For More Information and to schedule a workshop training event at your church, contact the PA State Sunday School Association at 717-652-1930.