2018 "Celebrate September As Sunday School Month" Theme Announced

"Families Belong In Sunday School!"  That's the theme for the 2018 "Celebrate September As Sunday School Month" activities.  Each year the Pennsylvania State Sunday School Association encourages churches here in the Keystone State and across the nation to get their new Sunday school year off to a great start by putting a special emphasis on the importance of Sunday school and Sunday school attendance.  This year's program will encourage churches to put a special emphasis on reaching out to the young families of their church and community and inviting them to attend Sunday school as a family.

We will also be preparing a FREE program kit that will include information and ideas that local churches can use to plan and carry out their special "Sunday School Month" celebration, using the "Families Belong in Sunday School" emphasis.  These program kits will be available by mid-May, but you can call 1-80-358-2303 or E-mail us at mail@sundayschoolhelp.org to pre-order your FREE kit now.