Check Out This 9-Minute Video About  Our New "Smile...Jesus Loves You" Program...
Our "Smile...Jesus Loves You" Program Is Back!

A Four-Week Program to Emphasize the Importance of the Bible and Sunday School to Children...and Their Parents!

Has the number of children in your Sunday school declined over the past few years?  Are there children attending your worship service who do not attend Sunday school?  If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, we would like to urge you to consider using the Pennsylvania State Sunday School Association's newly revised "Smile...Jesus Loves You" program for children.

The "Smile...Jesus Loves You program uses the very familiar "smiley face" design to remind children that Jesus loves them, he wants to be their friend, and that he wants them to learn more about himself by reading the Bible and by attending Sunday school.

To help churches plan and conduct a "Smile..." program, we have created a promotional kit that includes a 32-page planning guide, four weekly "lesson readings," nine reproducible activity and insert sheets, new reproducible posters and much more.

The "Smile...Jesus Loves You" program kits are priced at just $15.00 each (plus $5.50 postage).  Order by contacting the P.S.S.S.A.

For much more information about the program, watch the 9-minute video above.

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