"Teaching As Jesus, The Master Teacher, Taught"
Workshop Now Available On DVD

The "Teaching As Jesus, The Master Teacher, Taught" workshop has been one of our best and most popular Local Training Workshops.  Over the years, we have presented this workshop many times in churches all across the state.  Now we are happy to announce that the workshop is available on DVD.

The 57-minute video was written by P.S.S.S.A. Director, Rodney Pry, and it is presented by Shena Fodor.

The workshop looks at who, what, where and why Jesus taught.  And, it also looks at Jesus' teaching methods and how today's teachers can use similar methods.

The complete workshop kit, which includes the DVD and worksheet, is priced at just $10.00 (plus $5.50 postage).  To order, call either 717-652-1930 or 1-800-358-2303.