Do You And Your Church Support The P.S.S.S.A.?

The coronavirus has hit our state and nation hard!  The effects have been wide-ranging, touching us all in a variety of ways.  One of the ways many people have been hit is economically!  People have lost jobs and churches and businesses have closed.  As a result, organizations like the Pennsylvania State Sunday School Association are not receiving the usual financial support that they receive from individuals and churches.  For us, here at the P.S.S.S.A., the impact has been rather dramatic!  But, we continue to have faith and pray that individuals and churches who can will continue to support our work.  

     Do you see the P.S.S.S.A. as having an important role in helping to promote Sunday school and train Christian education workers?  If you do, then we hope that you and your church will see the importance of supporting the Pennsylvania State Sunday School Association with your generous financial gifts at this time.  We can survive and continue our work only as we receive the help and support of churches and individuals like you.  Your gifts of support should be sent to:  P.S.S.S.A., 5915 Fox Street, Harrisburg, PA 17112.  Thank you and may God bless you!