REASON #4 - Sunday School Helps All People Grow Closer To Jesus Christ

It is God who saved us and chose us to live a holy life. He did this not because we deserved it, but because that was his plan long before the world began - to show his love and kindness to us through Christ Jesus. (II Timothy 1:9)

Here at the Pennsylvania State Sunday School Association, one of the primary things that we do is to provide training for Sunday school teachers and leaders. In just about every one of our training workshops, we start by telling teachers and prospective teachers that the very best thing that they can do to become a better, more effective teacher is to work to deepen their own personal faith and commitment to Jesus Christ. And, this isn’t just great advice for Sunday school teachers; this is great advice for each and every person who calls himself a Christian.

Why is this important? Because, as we work to deepen our faith and commitment to Christ, we will also see many other changes taking place in our lives. For example, as we see our commitment to Jesus Christ growing deeper, won’t we also have a greater desire to read the Bible – God’s Word? Won’t we want to pray more? Won’t we want to attend worship, Sunday school and the other services of our church more? Won’t we have a greater desire to share our love for Christ with our friends?

How can you deepen your faith and commitment to Christ? Read your Bible more. Pray more. Develop closer relationships with other Christians. Read Christian books and magazines. Listen to Christian music, radio and TV. And, very important, be in Sunday school…this week and every week!  

Questions To Think About:  What could you do to deepen your own personal faith and commitment to Christ? What will you do?

Prayer Suggestion:  Pray for spiritual renewal and revival in your church and community.

A Call To Action:  Go to your local Christian bookstore and purchase several Bible message or Sunday school-related tracts. Distribute these tracts by leaving them in public places like restrooms, on the table with your tip at restaurants, and enclose them in letters, birthday cards and with bill payments that you pay my mail. Note: The Pennsylvania State Sunday School Association also has Sunday school related tracts available. Go to our website ( and click on the “Sunday School Stuff” button for more information.

​Did You Know That "September Is Sunday School Month?"
But, What Ever Month It Is, It's A Great Time To Attend Sunday School!