Why Everyone Should Love 
Sunday School...

WELCOME!  This book was created as a six-week daily devotional guide to a better understanding of the importance of Sunday school. We invite you to read it and use it in any way that you wish. We also hope that you will share the download information with your friends.
"Sunday School's Primary Purpose Is To Teach All Persons Of All Ages About
     God, The Bible And God's Will For Our Lives"

"Sunday School Is Important Because God's Word Is Being Studied And Taught"

"Sunday School Helps Lay A Spiritual Foundation In The Lives Of Children
     And Youth"

"Sunday School Helps All People Grow Closer To Jesus Christ"

"Sunday School Shows Us Examples And Models For A Christian Life"

"Sunday School Is Enjoyable And Fun (or it Sunday be)"

"Sunday School Challenges People To Deepen Their Relationship With
     Jesus Christ"

"Sunday School Helps To Develop Christian Leadership And Teaching Skills"

"Through Sunday School, God's Work And Will Are Being Done"

"It Encourages All Persons To Develop A Closer Relationship With Jesus
     Christ Through Prayer"

"Sunday School Is Important Because It Is Held On The Lord's Day"

"In Sunday School, People Are Taught According To Their Age, Interests
     And Education"

"Sunday School Gets People Thinking"

"Sunday School Calls People Sunday To Christian Accountability"

"Sunday School Calls People To Service To God And Others"

"Sunday School Helps People Find The Strength To Meet Temptation"

"Sunday School Helps People Learn The Importance Of Gathering Together
     With Others For Worship And Learning"

"Sunday School Has The Goal Of Developing True Disciples For Jesus Christ"

"Sunday School Challenges All Persons Of All Ages To Accept Jesus Christ
     As Personal Lord And Savior"

"Sunday School Is The Teaching Arm Of The Church"

"Sunday School Is Important because All Persons Need To Know What The
     Bible - Our 'Christian Handbook' - Says For Them"

"Sunday School Calls Individuals To Give Thanks And Praise To God"

"Sunday School Is Important Because Of HOW We Study The Bible"

"Sunday School Brings Families Together Into A Learning Environment That
     Can Be Carried On Through The Week In Their Homes"

"Sunday School Helps All Persons Of All Ages Have Greater Love For God
     And For Others"

"In Sunday School, You Will Find Your Truest Friend, Jesus Christ"

"Sunday School Fills The Spiritual Need That All Persons Have"

"Sunday School Encourages People To Share God's Love"

"Sunday School Is Important Because Each Person's Life Needs To Be
     Based On Jesus Christ And The Bible"

"Sunday School Is Important Because It Encourages People to Do Their
     Very Best For The Lord"

"It Encourages People To Invite Others To Come To Sunday School"

​"It Helps The Church Produce True Disciples"

"It Helps People Of All Ages Develop Christian And Moral Character"

"It Helps People Prepare For The Future"

"It Helps Put The 'The Great Commission' Into Action"

"It Encourages People to Share Their Love For Jesus With Others"

"Sunday School Is One Of The Primary Places Through Which People
     Of All Ages Come to Know Jesus Christ As Personal Lord And Savior"

"It Helps People Use The Bible Problems, To Find Answers To The Specific
     Problems, Cares And Concerns That They Have"

"It Helps People Develop Close Personal, Supportive Relationships With
     Other Christians"

"It Follows Jesus' Command To 'Let The Little Children Come To Me"

"It Calls People To Put The Lessons Of The Classroom Into Action In
     Their Day-To-Day Lives"

"It Helps Students Build Their Personal Self-Worth"

"Where Do You Go From Here?  Sunday School...It's Every Member's

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