Reason #31 - It Encourages People To Invite Others To Come To Sunday School

“Is anyone thirsty? Come and drink - even if you have no money! Come, take your choice of wine and milk - it’s all free!” (Isaiah 55:1)

Several years ago a man told me how he and his wife started to attend Sunday school. They were a young couple who had just moved into the community and really didn’t know very many people in the area. He said that one Saturday morning there was a knock on their front door. When he answered the door, it was an older woman from down the street. The woman stood there with a big smile on her face as she held a big plate of home-made chocolate chip cookies. The woman had come to welcome them to the neighborhood, but she also came with a second purpose: She invited the young couple to attend her church and Sunday school. The man said that he and his wife were both impressed by the woman’s sincerity and her special efforts in giving them an invitation, so they told her they would come with her the following morning. They went to the woman’s church and Sunday school, they enjoyed both and they continued to attend. Today their entire family is active in the church. The man said there are many reasons why they attend the church, but it all started with the invitation from that loving, concerned neighbor. And, as the man said, “How can you say ‘no’ to a plate of home-made chocolate chip cookies?”

How does a Sunday school grow? It grows when the members become actively involved in telling others about why they love Sunday school and when they invite their friends, neighbors and others to join them each week in Sunday school. Inviting others to come to Sunday school is not just a job for the pastor, Sunday school superintendent or Sunday school teachers, it every member’s responsibility!

Questions To Think About: Have you ever invited anyone to attend Sunday school with you? If not, why not? If you have, what did you do?  

Prayer Suggestions:  Pray for opportunities to extend an invitation to others to come to your Sunday school and church.

A Call To Action:  Talk to your Sunday school class or some of your friends. Could you get together at the church or someone’s home to bake cookies and then set up a plan to have persons distribute the cookies and a Sunday school invitation to the homes in the area of your church?

Sunday School...Make It YOUR Family's Affair!