REASON #6 - Sunday School Is Enjoyable And Fun 
(or it should be)

Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again - rejoice! (Philippians 4:4)

The story is told about a Sunday school class of seven-year-olds. As the teacher was plodding along with her lesson, one little boy suddenly exclaimed, “Can we hurry up? This is boring!” Immediately the little girl on his left gave him a sharp elbow to the side and rebuked him. “Shut up. It’s supposed to be boring!”

Is Sunday school supposed to be boring? Certainly not! And today’s best teachers know that it’s very possible to make each and every lesson interesting and even fun. Why is this important? Because people – no matter what their age is – don’t learn very much when they are bored. But, when they are interested, when the lesson topic is relevant, and when they are enjoying themselves, they are much more likely to learn. And, they are also much more likely to come back week after week.

Many people look at the Bible and think that it is a boring book that has no real relevance to today’s modern world. Is that true? Certainly not! The Bible is as relevant and as interesting today as ever. You may not find all of today’s modern words, but the principles are there. And, working together with other members of your Sunday school class to find the answers that you are looking for can be a great experience for everyone involved. It can be interesting, exciting, enjoyable and fun!
Questions To Think About:  How are the teachers in your church and Sunday school doing? Are they using modern technologies in their teaching? Are their lessons relevant and interesting?

Prayer Suggestion:  Pray for persons that you know who were absent from your church and Sunday school last week.

A Call To Action:  Have you read any good Christian books lately? If not, plan to go to your local Christian bookstore to find a book that will be both interesting and inspirational.

Sunday School...It Is
Real Learning For Real Life!