Where Do You Go From Here?

Sunday School…It’s EVERY Member’s Responsibility

In Sunday school our purpose is to learn about God, His Word and His will. But, Sunday school is not just about getting, it’s also about giving!

Each of us – Sunday school teachers, leaders and individual members – adults, youth and children – not only should be going to Sunday school to learn but also to give - give back to God and to others. In fact, I believe that there are at least seven different areas where every member should be involved in this giving…

1. We should all tell others about the importance of the Bible and Sunday school. When something good happens to you, don’t you want to tell others? Hopefully, the very best thing to ever happen to you was when Jesus Christ came into your heart. If you really love Jesus, won’t you want to learn more about Him by reading His Word and by going to Sunday school? And, won’t you want to invite your friends and neighbors to share your excitement by telling them about Jesus and Sunday school?

2. We should make visitors and new attendees feel welcome. Surveys show that one of the big determining factors as to whether or not visitors return to a church is the welcome that they feel. As you greet visitors in your Sunday school, don’t just ask their names, show genuine interest. 

3. We should be friends to other people in our Sunday school. It is said that if a person is to really become a part of a church, he or she must have at least two friends within that church, other than the pastor. Making friends requires special, continuing effort throughout the week.

4. We should share our understanding and experiences related to the Bible. Good Sunday school teachers will appreciate the participation of class members. As opportunities arise, add your understanding of the scriptures and share personal experiences and insights to help others in their understanding of God’s Word.

5. We should offer help and encouragement to others. Having the care, support, love and prayers of fellow Christians can mean so much during times of trouble. Whether it’s a card, a phone call, a personal contact or other message, your offer of help and encouragement can mean so much. And it can also give you an opportunity to witness about Jesus Christ and the value of Sunday school.

6. We should tell Sunday school absentees and dropouts that they are missed. You should do all that you can to invite these persons back to Sunday school. Whether you use a personal contact, a phone call or a personal note written in a card, your concern and invitation might be the spark to get these persons to come back to your Sunday school.

7. We should pray for our Sunday school. There is power in prayer! Pray often for your Sunday school, your Sunday school teachers, the children and youth of your Sunday school, and all others involved in your church’s program of Christian education.

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