Reason #36 - It Encourages People To Share Their Love For Jesus With Others

“You love him even though you have never seen him. Though you do not see him, you trust him; and even now you are happy with a glorious, inexpressible joy.” (I Peter 1:8)

Pastor Don McKenzie shares the following story: “I recall one night very late in the evening when I was called to the hospital. As I was walking down the semi-dark hall, with no people around, a man suddenly ran out of one of the patient rooms. He ran up to me - I had never seen him before - and he said to me with joy in his face, “She’s going to make it.” and then he made his way on down the hall. I have not seen the man since. I do not know who he was or who he was talking about. I assume it was someone very near and dear to him, and he had just received good news. He could not wait to share it. He did not even have to know the person with whom he shared it, it just flowed from him because he had received good news, and good new is to be shared.”

When something good happens to you, I’m sure that the man in the illustration above...just can’t wait to share that news with your family and friends. It’s the natural thing to do.  

Hopefully, as a Christian, one of the greatest things that ever happened to you was when you accepted Jesus Christ and asked him to come and live in your heart. That was the greatest of news! But, how often do you share that news with others?

In Sunday school, people of all ages are encouraged to share their love for Christ with others. Each of us has a faith story. Have you told anyone recently about how you came to Christ and why you attend Sunday school? It’s a story that you need to share!

Questions To Think About:  What “good news” have you shared with your friends, family and others recently? Have you also shared “the good news about Jesus Christ” with anyone recently?

Prayer Suggestions:  Pray for courage and boldness as you share your love for Jesus Christ with others.

A Call To Action:  Time to get bold! Talk to someone today that you know who does not attend either Sunday school or worship and ask them to come with you this Sunday.

There's A Friend (Jesus) Waiting
For You In Sunday School!